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Help for those BANDS who have never recorded before
Here at Woodies we try to make everybody at ease.
We are here to help! We try to capture a Performance that you will be Proud of.
Some people take a while to Relax in the Studio. Some people just walk in and Perform just like that.

The Drums are normally miked up separately in  the live area, some people like the open sound .
We normally use up to Seven mikes on the kit unless we are asked for something different.
Bass guitar is normally Di'd (straight into the desk) unless something else is requested.
Guitars are miked up or put through a guitar Pre-Amp sim (like the Pod2) these are great for a big sound in the Studio,
they can create all your favorite Guitar/Amp Sounds that you like,  then from there it is into the desk. Keyboards yet again are normally straight into the Desk via a DI Box
Vocals will be recorded Separately apart from guide Vocals.
If your Band is planning a Recording Session even if its not here!.
Pick the songs to record, you might manage three songs in a day.But you will need to be organized.You need to Rehearse them inside out, Practice your harmony's, lead breaks etc.
Get organized if you do it we will be smoother and less stressful, so that when you cant find that harmony or lead break you forgot to record 6 hours ago into the session no one gets the blame.
It happens all the time! even the pros make mistakes...
Trouble with words never mind write them down and use a music stand.
It is not a gig so you don't have to worry about image issues. Anyway even if you do its still a live gig.
Your not miming! Do people really get that upset?
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