Equipment - Woodies Studio

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2 x Desk Berhinger DDX32 16 Digital fully Automated
this is connected by fibre optic cables
integral reverbs gates compressor's etc on all channels
Alesis HD24 track hard disk recorder (industry standard)
JBL speakers with sub
Pod 2 guitar sim (stereo)
Session rack mounted guitar preamp (old classic)
Berhinger Bass V amp Pro (pre amp)
active DI box's x 3
passive DI x 4
Behringer 8 Channel Headphone amp
Studio Spares headphones
Samson Co3 large condenser's x 2
Joe Meek LM47 Large Condenser
ADK A-51 Type V   Large Condenser
Shure 58
Peavey x 2
Berhinger x 2
JTS Drum kit mic set x 7
Roland r5 drum machine     *
Roland GR20 guitar synth     *
5 string Vintage Bass (only on request)     *
Dean 4 string Upright electric bass     *
Fender Acoustic (active)     *
Framus Classical     *
Precision Copy  old and nice     *
Strat copy     *
Tele copy     *
*     On request
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