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Mobile Recording

2 x Desk Berhinger DDX32 16 Digital fully Automated
this is connected by fibre optic cables
integral reverbs gates compressor's etc on all channels
Alesis HD24 track hard disk recorder (industry standard)
active DI box's x 3
passive DI x 4
Behringer 8 Channel Headphone amp
Studio Spares headphones
Samson Co3 large condenser's x 2
Joe Meek LM47 Large Condenser
ADK A-51 Type V   Large Condenser
Shure 58
Peavey x 2
Berhinger x 2
General purpose X 2
JTS Drum kit mic set x 7
8 Channel Multicore (30m)
16/4 Channel Multicore (30m)
4 X Mic splitters
connect to live desk to take feeds from vocals directly from the PA
without changing your live sound

We can now do LIVE RECORDING

Location recording,using an Alesis HD24 Digital Hard Drive Recorder
and a HD32 Digital Desks providing 24 track recording on site,
8 & 16 channel Multicores, a selection of Mics, stands and Di boxes for the live performances.
After Recording we can arrange a time to mix and edit your recordings back at the studio.
With the Live Recordings
Please make sure the Venue is happy for you to Record there!
with all the extra equipment required
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