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Recording Vocals
Help for people who need to record Vocals
If you have never been able to record a Demo Disc cthat you could afford, then you have found the right place
Here at woodies we work closely with ours guest's during all recording Sessions
It should be fun, you can record as many tracks as you like but don't expect to record large amount's in one day, unless you are well rehearsed and fit enough.
You can take as long as you like, the main thing is to try and relax and HAVE FUN Singing it's your time.
If you are going to useBacking Tracks please bring them on either CD or Mp3.
Or it is possible to try and locate the tracks for you.
Once the songs have been recorded and every body is happy with the end results, we will mix the tracks and balance the song's ready for you to take home.
Sometimes we will mix these song's another day.
At all times we will try to guide you to a Great Performance and Recording that you will be proud of.
A lot of singers only take a couple of run's to record the Vocal, other's will do several takes and pick the best one.
It is really up to the band or Artist.
For those who have only recorded the Vocal at home or in a live situation, sometimes find it quite strange to actually hear your voice.
Pitching is critical as you will hear every little blemish! Some really like the experience some don't.
Do you have trouble with word's ( i do) never mind write them down and use a music stand.
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